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Re: Texas to Install Border Patrol Web Cameras

Daniel J McDonald (
Fri, 16 Jun 2006 12:44:03 -0500

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Gordon Burditt <> wrote:

>> The governor of Texas wants to turn all the world into a virtual
>> posse.

>> Rick Perry has announced a $5 million plan to install hundreds of
>> night-vision cameras on private land along the Mexican border and put
>> the live video on the Internet, so that anyone with a computer who
>> spots illegal immigrants trying to slip across can report it on a
>> toll-free hot line.

> Doesn't this also mean that the illegal immigrants can also use the
> cameras to detect the absence of patrols and determine what the
> cameras can actually see?

Not according to the details I've heard. The cameras won't have fixed
names. Every time you go to the site, you will see a different random
camera with a generated, ephemeral name. If you see activity, you
will report this generated camera name, and someone from Texas
Homeland Security will look up which camera it really was and check it
out before dispatching. The public won't be able to correlate cameras
as long as there is no way to get the same camera in any two visits.

Also, South Texas is pretty desolate. It will be hard to do terrain
matching, particularly if the cameras are aimed with that in mind.

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