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Re: Beware of VONAGE! Don't Sign up! I Wish Someone Had Warned Me

Sam Spade (
Mon, 12 Jun 2006 06:17:47 -0700

Big D wrote:

> I just ordered Vonage and I *reeeeeally* wish I hadn't done that.
> Suddenly, I am having problems with internet and I've had the same
> internet service for whole two years with no problems at all. I talked
> to two inarticulate women in India who tried to help but couldn't. I
> spent 40 minutes talking to them and another 40 minutes waiting on
> hold to talk to someone else.

> At this point, I'm just trying to cancel it, which is NOT EASY to say
> the least.

> I wish I read the 28 PAGES OF COMPLAINTS AGAINST Vonage on
> (I never would have ordered this stupid
> service.)

> Don't do it!

> Tell others about it!

> I wish someone had warned me!

Well, boo hoo.

I have had Vonage since its inception and haven't had any problems
with it and my broadband service. That includes cable and two DSL
installations during that time.

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