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Re: Political Telemarketing Calls

Lena (
6 Jun 2006 04:16:19 -0700

I had a burning desire for a device that I could put on my phone line
that would allow me to control who and when folks could call me, since
the phone companies didn't seem to be willing to do it. I thought I'd
get some relief after the long awaited "Do Not Call'" list went in to
effect. No such luck. Not only are political and charitable
organizations exempt, but also companies with whom one has done
business recently.

I wish I was more computer literate and could write the software and
built the necessary hardware which would allow me to block any
anonymous caller and any caller from a list of numbers that I specify,
especaially the callers who refuse to leave a message, but just call
back over and over again. Telemarketers would only get away with
calling me once. I wish I could turn the phone off completely
overnight and at times during the day if I wanted. I wish I could
divert certain long-winded callers to voicemail every time they

My wish came true when I signed up for VOIP. So many features for so
much less money than a landline. Block up to 20 numbers. Send
another 20 to voicemail. Schedule the phone not to ring overnight and
during dinner. Block all anonymous callers.

Goodbye and good riddance, you #%#@!%^& telemarketers!


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