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Re: Political Telemarketing Calls

Sam Spade (
Tue, 06 Jun 2006 02:25:05 -0700

Barry Margolin wrote:

> In article <>,
> Steven Lichter <> wrote:

>> Don't these people know that calling someone who has their number on
>> the Don't Call list do not want to here from them or anyone else, or
>> don't they care?

> They obviously don't care, or they wouldn't have put the exemption for
> political calls in the law in the first place.

> Barry Margolin,
> Arlington, MA
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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: We here in s.e. Kansas have a special
> election planned for Tuesday, June 6. I think it is only for
> Independence. The reason is whether or not to authorize bonds
> (i.e. borrow more money) to make some improvements to the schools.
> We have received phone calls and visitors at the door all day today
> telling us 'vote yes for the kids' and that is such a dishonest approach!
> I told each of them you want a yes vote for the school administrators
> is how it actually goes. This will be the third time in the past
> year they have tried to get this past us. The first two times they
> were voted down; each time they re-wrote the plan and brought it
> back to the voters again. They want money to build a new gymnasium for
> the high school among other things. This third plan now being
> presented is only a shell of the first two plans, so maybe it will
> pass. I know we do _not_ need to borrow more money. PAT]

In California, the Governator has a huge bond issue set for the November
election to overhaul the general declining infrastructure of the state.
The place is super broke and has already one of the highest tax
burdens in the nation.

For the first time, the lackluster handling of the unending hordes of
illegal "invaders" (primarily from Mexico) has people relating the

I often hear, "Why should I vote to make nice roads for illegal
Mexicans to driver their unlicensed cars on?"

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