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Dan Lanciani (
Tue, 6 Jun 2006 01:48:21 EDT (Curtis R Anderson) wrote:

> Poor designs like that make me miss the well-made Ma Bell phones from
> the days of yore.

Why miss them? My desk phone is a 2565 set that I picked up at a ham
flea market in the 80's. (If you didn't grab a few when they were
really cheap they are certainly available on eBay. Either way they
pretty much last forever.)

The other day I finally had to adjust the row oscillator in the DTMF
pad because "6" was no longer working with an ISDN terminal adapter.
(It still worked for POTS; it was just a little off.) It was quite
difficult to turn the tuning slug. Eventually I used a triangular
file held in a Vice Grip pliers. (Even after I broke it free I don't
think any plastic tool would have turned it.) Using a metal tool I
had to do a bit of tweak/remove/test, but once I had row #2 set all
the others were correct to within the accuracy of my meter. The
columns were perfect to begin with. I hope for another 20+ years of
service before more maintenance is required. :)

Dan Lanciani

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