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Re: Vonage Problem

AndyP (
1 Jun 2006 11:39:54 -0700

Now try cancelling the account, you'll have more fun. You would have to
find the account cancellation number first from a rep. Then you have to
wait for an hour. Then you would have to pay a cancellation fee.

David Reihmer wrote:

> Vonage has been of no help with this issue.

> I have not enabled 'call forwarding' in many months.

> My broadband was down during a storm last week, and I was therefore
> unable to use my Vonage phone.

> When I came back on line, I received a call from a friend who told me
> that during the outage, instead of going to voicemail, my calls had
> been forwarded to another number, and the other party was getting
> pretty upset about getting all my calls.

> I went to the Vonage website, and saw that in the 'Activity' portion
> of my account, 7 calls had been forwarded to this other number. I
> recognized that number as a cell phone number I no longer have.

> When I signed up with Vonage, I included that number as an alternate.
> But now, of course, I don't have that number. Regardless, none of my
> calls should have been forwarded, as the forwarding option was disabled.

> The 'call forwarding' page confirmed that the 'call forwarding' option
> was disabled, and yet I still had calls forwarded to a number that I
> did not authorize.

> I was able to delete the old number in my 'profile', BUT it remained
> (and remains) in the 'call forwarding page, as the number to forward
> to. I tried to delete it and enter another forwarding number to, but
> still the 'old number' reappears when the page is reloaded.

> I called Vonage and was advised that 'call forwarding' was disabled on
> my account and not to worry. I told them I knew that it was disabled,
> because I never enabled it, and why were my calls being forwarded just
> because my network was down? I then told Vonage I was unable to
> delete that number from the 'call forwarding' screen. The tech was
> surprised he could not delete it either, and after holding for 10
> minutes, I was advised that the number could not be deleted, and my
> call forwarding option was permanently disabled.

> Unsatisfied, I sent an email explaining all this and why am I paying
> for services I am not receiving, should I ever need them? I got a
> canned reply and am looking for other means of resolution. Any
> suggestions?

> Thanks.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There is the 'call forwarding' option
> as you know, but there is also an option (I think it is called)
> 'Network Forwarding' and the explanation given for this is "what
> should we do with your calls when the network is down?" and where
> 'call forwarding' is the routine thing, 'network forwarding' is
> intended for when Vonage _is unable to see you_ for whatever reason.
> If Vonage is unable to complete the call on its own network to you
> (to ultimatly get forwarded on, etc) then what do you want them to
> do? Look for an option entitled 'network forwarding' and although I
> do not think it allows itself to be completely erased, it does allow
> editing which is probably what you would want to do anyway. See if
> that makes a difference. PAT]

If you think you have trouble with their service, try cancelling their

1) You would have to find the account cancellation number from a
customer service rep.

2) Then you would have to wait for over half hour, sometimes the phone
disconnects after a long wait.

3) Then you have to pay a cancellation fee, cannot be waived, period.

They have made all efforts to keep the cancellation fee part hidden and
the cancellation process itself very very painful.

I would never recommend a company like this to anyone.

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