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Re: The Balance Between National Security and Privacy?

John Mayson (
Sun, 14 May 2006 20:02:30 -0500

I had replied to this thread days ago, but there's a disconnect
between my NNTP server and this group. PAT, I don't care if you post
my address. I have good spam filters. :-)

> I am curious as to what people think of the issue of national security
> vs. privacy in light of the recent revelations.

I am staunchly against any wiretapping without a judicial warrant.
I'm also quite concerned about the NSA having a database of our calls.

> In the railroad and roads newsgroups, there was a discussion on the
> issue of the rights of photographers to take pictures of public works
> vs. the need for security of those works against terrorists. Some
> facilities (highway toll roads, transit agencies) do not allow
> photography from public safe locations which traditionally was a
> absolute right.

I'm an avid scanner listener. I used to go to the airport with my
scanner and stand on top of my van's roof and photograph airlines
coming and going. The airport police would even pause while a plane
was in my field of view so as to not block my picture. This was 1999
and 2000. I haven't even tried since 9/11 and don't plan to. Just
not worth the hassle.

> I myself aren't sure. I don't agree with either extremes--the govt
> must have some limitations on citizen spying and we must preserve our
> long existing rights, but the govt does need the power and ability to
> spy on potential terrorists to protect us.

The government seems to have a policy: people are no good. None of us
can be trusted. I don't trust a government that doesn't trust me.

John Mayson <>
Austin, Texas, USA

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