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Re: Online Cross-Search of Reverse-Regular Directories?

Robert Bonomi (
Wed, 10 May 2006 21:03:02 -0000

In article <>, Frank Stearns
<> wrote:

> Is there an online source that supports cross-searching regular and
> reverse directories based on partial information?

> I received an important job-offer vmail that was incomplete -- the
> caller left a first name and phone number, but the phone number
> consists of only the area code and prefix. The last four digits are
> missing.

If it was a job offer, it was *probably*not* from a "personal" phone,
but from the company offices. Thus the 'personal name' first name is
not likely to be much help.

Depending on where you are, and the locale the call came from, your
public library *may* have a print-copy "City Directory", or "Criss-
Cross Directory" for the origin locale.

OR, if that call is _that_ important, you can go _buy_ a printed
reverse directory from Polk <>, Hill-Donnelly
<>, or Haines & Company <>

I'm not going to comment on the 'believability' of a call coming in
with a real "job *offer*", where you had absolutely _no_idea_ who was
calling -- didn't recognize the voice, the person's name, *or* the
locale of the call.

Note for future reference: the 'lost value' of not being able to
return this call would have paid for Caller-ID for _how_many_ months?

If you 'routinely' get unsolicited job offers by phone, adding Caller
ID to your service would seem to be 'cheap insurance'. :)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Assuming of course, the caller did not
have a block on his caller ID, or like happens to be the case quite
often with company switchboards, DID numbers and similar, the caller
ID was accurate and could be used. PAT]

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