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Mr Joseph Singer (
Sat, 6 May 2006 06:09:18 PDT 3 May 2006 09:52:20 -0700 wrote:

> Virgin is now instituting a new policy that if you have had voice
> mail removed from your account, Virgin Mobile will send a
> supervisory signal back to the CALLING TELCO that your Vrigin phone
> has answered. That means, that if someone calls you from a pay phone
> and you do not answer, and you do not have Virgin voice mail they
> will get an intercept message that could cost the pay phone user
> fifty cents each time [depending on charges in your local area].

> Virgin has already started this and has stated that eventually all
> their customers will have this "supervised as answered".

> Perhaps they don't like lost revenue if you do not have an active
> mailbox.>>

Well, perhaps you need to shop for a different prepaid service if
that's Virgin's attitude that they feel that they have to charge their
customers "no matter what." You'll lose the ability to use your
phone, but there are lots of alternatives with GSM and if your handset
is unlocked you have a choice of several including many MVNO's that
use the cingular network. Go to and look at the USA
and look for MVNO's. Be careful though where you look as severall do
charge for voicemail deposits though some do not. None of them charge
for not answering your phone though as you indicate Virgin is or will
be shortly.

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