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Re: What Type of Wireless Should I Use?

Ghazan Haider (
28 Apr 2006 21:21:32 -0700

> Where to start? Well ... Run your own fiber :-)

That was the first idea. Option exhausted.

> Personally, I don't think you need GigE -- 100Mbps or even 48Mbps may
> suit you well ... You make no mention to how many computers you have
> on each side, but the server can only handle so many connections
> (limitation of a single NIC)

Well we've really hit the ceiling with 15mbps now. There are all kinds
of citrix connections breaking, files can't be transferred etc. Think
30 desktop/laptops in each location with most of the servers in one
location. 15mbps doesnt cut it, and we'll quickly hit the ceiling with
50mbps since at least one site's switch will be gigabit. We have a
dual subnet setup, and with the citrix licenses it all adds to the
running costs. Not to mention the additional servers for the second
site. We'll maintain it as is if theres no feasible option, but it
never hurts to fish.

> For a lot of money you have this option:

> Gbps for 1- 4 miles...

Someone else mentioned this to me. In Canadian dollars, including tax
etc its 75000. I'll keep this at the back of my head if the company
really grows.

> For less money you have this option:
> 150Mbps ...

Wave wireless sells (802.11g based) 108mbps for way less. Problem is
given the protocol you cant aggregate the links properly, two 108
links or channels dont add to 216. Cant do etherchannel either. This
is the most likely way to go for us if the telcom wont even take $$$
to lay fiber.

> Or for some good, carrier grade 48Mbps MAX (Time Warner Telecom uses
> these)

> I use those RAD AirMux 200 radios for our backhaul - not bad... With
> the right module you can even run 4x T1 lines over it for voice
> traffic or whatever...

Dlink and now Linksys sell APs at 802.11n that can do ~100mbps and
theoretically 600mbps in time. Jack up the power and add directional
antennae and I'm golden. Just thought there might be something better
out there I haven't heard of.

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