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Re: When Did 2L-5N Become Required in Los Angeles?

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21 Apr 2006 00:51:34 -0500 writes:

> wrote:

>> Many small towns required only four- or five-digit dialing locally
>> long after the "conversion" took place. By "long," I mean 10 or 15
>> years or more.

> A friend of mine reported is update NY state town worked like that.
> But once they went to ESS it no longer worked.

> I wonder if this still applies to sparsely populated places in say
> Wyoming and the Dakotas where there is little population growth.

I don't know about some of South Dakota, but my wife spent her first
eighteen years in what is now 605-637 ... which has no more than about
three hundred active numbers in that CO, which leaves 9700 unused.
(My first trip up there was in 1990, and the local telco had gone to
ESS before then ... all local calls had to be dialed as seven digits.

Interestingly, there's an adjacent CO just across the state line in
North Dakota (701-634, IIRC) which is run through the 605-637 (NWEFSD)
switch and can be called by dialing 701 plus the local number (but if
you dial with 1-701, it's treated as long distance), and has even
fewer active numbers in its block of 10,000. The Kentucky coal town I
was born in (now primarily 606-848, although 606-238 and 606-733 are
in use now) didn't go to ESS until some time after I got my degree in
the late '70s, and I was used to going up there in the summer and
being able to call anywhere in the two towns it served by dialing the
last four numbers. (BNLYKY, if anyone's curious). Anything outside
of that, and the neighboring CO in Cumberland, was dialed with 1+.

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