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Re: Westchester (NYC Suburb) and 802.11 Safety

William Warren (
Fri, 21 Apr 2006 00:59:55 -0400

Danny Burstein wrote:
> [ excerpts ]

> April 20, 2006

> Law signed by Spano is first of its kind in the U.S.

> A groundbreaking proposal requiring local businesses to secure their
> wireless networks to protect their customers against identity theft
> and other computer fraud has just become law.

> County Executive Andy Spano signed a bill into law today that mandates
> commercial businesses that offer public Internet access and/or
> maintain personal information on a wireless network to take "minimum
> security measures." [1]


This smells like a lobbyist-written law: the obvious beneficiaries of
reduced wireless access are the cellular, DSL, and Cable companies,
all of whom stand to lose money if wireless access points aren't

I bet the FCC will strike it down: IANALB, not only is it an obvious
usurpation of federal proragatives, but the feds can smell a cut-rate
competitor a mile away, and county governments can be had for a
pittance compared to the license fees the feds extort from users.

William Warren

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