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Time, Money, Keeping You From Earning the Degree You Deserve? - Carly

Mr. Marcelyorgo (
Wed, 19 Apr 2006 08:02:22 +0500

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: How absolutely pathetic this is! It is
the old -- and I mean _really old_ -- excuse "oops, my email must have
gone to the wrong address" way of sending spam; make it appear that
you wrote a personal letter to family or friends, somehow through the
mystery of computers and email it fell into the wrong email box. I got
a few of these today; not only did the 'computer' put it in the wrong
box, it also backfired and sent out multiple copies. Mr. Marcelyorgo
can't be blamed for that, can he? Sigh ... PAT]

Hey Family!

Just wanted to write you, and let you know, how the degree program I
tried out went. Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished &
received my Masters Degree with no study required and %100

Yeah mom, I know you and Dad doubted it at first, but this turned out
to be %100 legit. This opportunity was given to me because of the
professional experience and previous course work I had accumulated.

I'm so excited mom and dad, this was a life altering opportunity and
for once in my life I took advantage of it.

I already have jobs, that wouldn't have given me a chance before, now
they are calling off the hook! This really is a godsend.

Tell Susan and Cousin Joey that they better hurry up and call that
number I gave them the other day.

Again these are the degrees they offer, BA, BSC, MA, MSC, MBA and PhD,
and the number to call is 1-813-436-5335, tell them to leave a brief
message with their name, the degree they are interested in and
their day and evening phone numbers. They will contact you soon

Anyway, much love, and tell the rest of the family I said hello.

Your son,



Mom, why don't you send this email to a few of your friends? My
professor told me that if we send over referrals the school can give
us a scholarship. The number to call is 1-813-436-5335 :-)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do not know if Len (the son) 'screwed
up' in how he addressed his email or if 'his mom' had us listed as
some of her friends. Bur I do know the guys at MIT, Harvard, and many
other schools will be glad to know they can get a 'Masters Degree in
just six weeks; no study required, and completely verifiable'. I
imagine also they will be pleased to have job opportunities ringing
their phone off the hook shortly thereafter.

But seriously, why can apparently nothing be done about the jokers and
con-artists who send out this sort of crap? And what really amazes me
was the simpleton whose letter I published here last week making a
comparison between TELECOM Digest and this sort of crap in claiming
that if _they_ (the crap senders) have to pay for their email, then no
doubt Telecom will have to pay also. All I can say is to quote the late
comedian Jack Benny: _really, Mary_ . PAT]

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