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Re: AT&T Doesn't Like My Last Name

Paul A Lee (
Mon, 3 Apr 2006 10:54:51 -0400

In TELECOM Digest V25 #126, wrote (in part):

> The "new" AT&T (formerly SBC, my local phone company) sent me
> a form letter stating that my user ID does not comply with
> their new rules and needs to be changed, or they will
> terminate the online access to my account. My AT&T user ID
> happens to be my last name (semenzato), same as my user ID
> everywhere else.

> It complies with all AT&T rules except possibly their
> profanity clause. This is the first time anybody suggests to
> me that the first part of my last name is a profanity (seems
> more like a technical term to me). I let them know that I
> was quite offended and they should fix their filter to skip
> the profanity check for certain variations of the customer's
> name. Their response was another form letter stating, among
> other nonsense, that "though this may be a temporary
> inconvenience, we are certain you will appreciate the efforts
> we have taken to protect your information."

If AT&T (SBC) is providing your local phone service, then they're
almost certainly subject to regulation by your state public
utilities/service commission (see or phone
directory blue pages).

I suggest you file a complaint with that commission that AT&T is
violating your civil rights by discriminating against you, based on
the ethnicity of your family name, in providing service. You could
also try pointing out the discrimination to AT&T contacts, or even to
local news media.

That should get you some attention above the drone level at AT&T.

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