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Wed, 08 Mar 2006 21:06:42 -0000

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> For you geography fans out there:

> Just out curiosity, would anyone know the rates and dialing procedures
> between such very close small border towns of:

> Madawaska, Maine and Edmunston, New Brunswick

> Pembina, North Dakota and Emerson, Manitoba

> Sweetgrass, Montana and Coutts, Alberta

> Thomas Falls, Montana and Burke Idaho

Burke, Idaho is, for practical purposes, a ghost town

(Wallace, ID is the "big" town in the area, population circa 1100.)

All inter-state dialing in that vicinity is 1+areacode+number.`
Pretty much the entire width of the state is the "local calling area",
less than 30 miles _west_ gets you into WA state.

Telco switching offices are "few and far between" up there --
population density is *low*. I know there's one in Wallace, and one
in Sand Point. I think there's also one in Cour D'elane, and maybe

The feds regulated max rates for (domestic U.S.) inter-state calls,
and a formula based strictly on distance was employed -- Burke
(vicinity) to Thomas Falls would have been about the same as Omaha NE
to Council Bluffs IA, or Souix City IA to South Souix City SD.

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