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Re: Crossborder 7-Digit (Dial 1)

John Levine (
8 Mar 2006 08:16:27 -0000

>> Some of the places where cross-area code 7-digit was permitted, and
>> may still be, were local calls in the greater Kansas City area (816
>> in Missouri and 913 in Kansas)

U.S. phone companies ended "protected" prefixes several years ago.
That was the arrangement near the edge of an area code that let you
dial local calls with 7D into another area code, by reserving the
prefix in both area codes.

Canada still had this arrangement until I think last year, notably in
the Ottawa / Hull area which is partly in 613, partly in 819. They're
also ending protected codes so people in Ottawa now have to dial all
ten digits to Hull and vice versa.



[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And did you know that through the
1960's and into the 1970's, prefixes were not duplicated in
adjacent area codes/states. For example, since Hammond/Whiting, IN
(219 but exactly on the state line with Illinois and Chicago) since
there was 219-931, 219-932, 219-933, 219-659 there were NOT any
931,932,933, 659 exchanges in area 312. I guess there was concern
about possible confusion. I remember the first of those exchanges
to get duplicated 'on the other side' was 659; 312-659 was intended
for Cellular One in the earliest cell phone days of 1982-83. 219-659
on the other hand had been Whiting, IN since it was cut to dial in
the 1960's. PAT]

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