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Re: A Question About 'Dial 1' in USA Calling

Stephen Sprunk (
Sat, 4 Mar 2006 23:35:25 -0600


> [ ... I go to call the cab to come back (331-6019), call won't go
> through. I wind up getting confused and annoyed (by product
> of my brain aneurysm) my fingers cannot hit the right keys and I sit
> there with re-order after re-order, literally struggling trying to figure
> out why _my_ phone keeps refusing my requests. ... ]

Might I suggest you program the full phone number, e.g. +16203316019,
into your phone's memory so that you don't have to worry about it
anywhere you go? With the effects of your aneurysm, making use of the
phone book may make sense anyways, and it takes almost no effort to
add the extra three or four digits. I have yet to find a GSM carrier
(even roaming) that doesn't accept that form; I assume it's mandatory
in the standard.

I live in a ten-digit dialing area, so all my numbers go in the long way
(plus I rarely remember which area code overlay a given person is in, so I
can't dial by hand). I switched to using the full E.164 form when I went
overseas and found it was the simplest way to call home. Oddly, that's also
how SMS messages always come in even though my normal caller ID is only
10/11 digits (depending on roaming) in the US.

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