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Re: Service Providers Recycling Phone Numbers

Al Gillis (
Thu, 23 Feb 2006 20:19:49 -0800

George ...

That was a "Hallicrafters" Sky Buddy! (Halliburton is, of
course, a whole different thing.)

I, too had a Sky Buddy. It was quite a radio for an SWL in high
school. I had it for several years until I graduated to an S-38C
receiver (which I still have, along with the original reciept which
reveals I bought it used in the early 1960s). My Sky Buddy suffered a
painful (and smelly death) one day when the power transformer decided
to have a melt down!

The S-38C was a great radio for its time as well! It's still in the
garage, langushing day after day in a cardboard box. My present HF
receiver is 'way smarter than I am but it certainly runs circles
around those old ones!

George, thanks for pulling the memory of that radio and those times
our of the background noise!


George Berger <> wrote in message

> PAT -

> Thanks for your response, and for the rationale as to why cell phone
> users must pay for incoming calls.

> Good Gawd! I had a ham license before WWII (W9ZUK), and I worked over
> 100 countries -- and I still have the QSL cards for verification. In
> CW, I ran a pair of 809s, in push-pull, driven by 6L6s, into a primitive
> directional antenna. Receiver? A Halliburton Sky Buddy!

> Can you imagine how either Verizon, or the newly-minted AT&T, would act
> if they were placed in charge of today's ham radio? I don't even want to
> think about it.

> George( The Old Fud)

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