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Re: -- Your Gateway to WV's Eastern Panhandle

Steve Sobol (
Sun, 19 Feb 2006 16:52:12 -0800

Mark wrote:

> - I saw your e-mail address on a web site
> and I thought you may want to know about this new site;

Pat, this is spam, I got it too. I wish you hadn't forwarded it to the
newsgroup. I will be complaining to this idiot's ISP and hope that others
will do the same.

> northern wedge of WV as well. Good luck with your web site. PAT]

Good luck? I hope his website is taken down for AUP violations.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I _had thought_ (there I go, trying to
think for myself again!) that because a while back I had published a
couple messages about the West Virginia coal mine disasters, had
included a note about the generally unfortunate circumstances many of
those folks live with as a routine part of their lives, and a day or
two later had published a more positive note here from a reader
familiar with the northern wedge of West Virginia that this (as you
refer to him) 'idiot' was writing to follow up on those messages. Steve,
I really do not know what to do any longer with spam, which is _so_
pervasive, _so_ entrenched in the net. Don't we trust anyone to say
anything any longer without first going through all the various
newsgroups, etc? I guess you are looking at someone (myself!) whose
overall usefulness on the net ended sometime around 1985 or so ... PAT]

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