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Re: Last Laugh! Bush in 2008

Henry (
Fri, 17 Feb 2006 07:21:01 +0200

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note:

> On this same topic, what do you think about the effort to repeal the
> 25th Amendment (the one limiting the president to two terms in office)
> in order to allow Bush to run again in 2008, and in the event the
> proposal does not make the rounds entirely in time to get ratified
> prior to the election then it is suggested that Bush will use his
> emergency powers to cancel the 2008 election in order to remain in
> office until someone 'suitable' can be found to replace him. PAT]

Is there really any kind of 'effort' being made in this direction, or
is it just scare-mongering? If you recall, back around '97 or '98 the
wingnut sites (such as 'Free Republic') were alleging _exactly_ the
same kind of nefarious 'effort' by the supporters of Bill Clinton.



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