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Re: Welcome or Not, Cell Phones Set for Subway

Steven Lichter (
Thu, 09 Feb 2006 03:23:20 GMT

Steve Sobol wrote:

> Steven Lichter wrote:

>> Last year in Riverside, Ca. a person talking on a cell phone on the
>> Freeway rearended a car with a family, killing several of them, he was
>> charged and convicted of Murder, not Manslaughter as has been in the
>> past. More of these trials are needed until the people in charge pass
>> laws and then enforce them.

> Cite? I live in the Inland Empire too, about an hour from Riverside,
> and I don't recall hearing about this anywhere. It'd be in the papers
> in my area too, since the company that owns my local newspaper also
> owns the Riverside _Press-Enterprise._

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I don't remember when it was to the date, but it was in the paper
several days as well as on the news, the car hit a van with a whole
family in it. You might try looking at the PE site and check the
archives, I know the trial was not covered much since the person
pleaded the case out.

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