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Re: As Gadgets Get It Together, Media Makers Fall Behind

Thomas A. Horsley (
Wed, 01 Feb 2006 00:09:46 GMT

> The question in the air was what people will watch, listen to and do with
> these machines now that they are becoming interchangeable and
> interconnected.

Gimmie a break -- how could that possibly be a question that requires
any thought?

The first book printed on the Gutenberg press may have been the Bible,
but the next dozen were sex manuals.

Within a week of Daguerre's first photograph, dirty pictures were
being sold on street corners.

Porn did more to make the VCR a success than any other use it had for
timeshifting or wot-not.

The biggest source of revenue for cable companies rolling out the new
video on demand technology is porn.

And media analysts wonder what media will be a success on the new
gadgets? Someone needs to get new media analysts ...

Come to think of it, does anyone other than a bunch of self deluded
anthropologists think those clay figurines of women with big tits
found all the time with the bodies of cavemen are really religious
symbols, or is it far more likely that they are they just paleolithic
porn? :-).

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am reminded of several years ago
seeing a cartoon of several archeological workers on a 'dig' somehere
in some ancient country. They see a bunch of what would appear to be
meaningless squiggles scratched on a rock somewhere. It is suggested
to call the scientist who is publishing a paper on their work: the
scientist arrives, looks at the (to my untrained eye) meaningless
sribbles, then prnounces to one and all, "Good Lord! I can't publish
this! It is pure pornographic filth!"

And yes, the first item printed by Gutenberg was the Bible; when his
old wine skins worked, he gave the glory to Gott, and suggested this
would now place the Holy See in complete control, giving the Pope a
full monopoly over everything. Fifty years after its invention, there
were about five thousand presses throughout Europe, and a couple
million books, very few of which had anything at all to do with the
Holy Scripture. [From a lecture by Neil Postman to IBM employees in
Stuttgart Germany in October, 1990 in our archives.] PAT]

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