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Re: The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet -- Wash Post
26 Jan 2006 23:33:15 GMT

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> Say for example a long-time wedding photographer is frequently asked
> about planning the wedding. The photographer sets up a planning
> service. Maybe the photographer will go into bridal gowns and tuxedo
> rentals. Maybe even into catering and music.

> Under your argument, this photographer would be limited to photography
> and that's it, even though others can become photographers and other
> service providers. It's not in the economic interest to deny a
> provider from the market place.


No, you still insist on making irrelevant or incorrect
analogies. Under my argument, if the photographer were somehow the
ONLY planning service available (because for some mysterious reason
only one was feasable in this imaginary world) and every wedding HAD
to make use of a planning service, then he should not be allowed to
prevent his clients from taking his plans to another photographer for
actual implementation. He certainly would NOT be prevented from
providing the implementation service in a competitive way. He could
make money from the planning service, and he could also make money
from taking/printing photos. But he wouldn't be able to use his
sanctioned monopoly position to prevent others from also making money
by taking/printing photos. Or charge license and other fees to other
photographers for the use of said plans, after the plans were already
paid for by the person(s) who originally contracted for the planning

John Meissen

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