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Re: In With the New E-Mail, Out With the Old

Lena (
16 Jan 2006 18:58:24 -0800

tanstafl wrote:

> On 11 Jan .. Lena wrote:
> They DO have a DELETE button, don't they?

> Indeed they do. And when you press it: POOF it's gone - from your
> view :-( However, your mail is still on their backup servers...
> The problem with a business practice is that it can be changed at any
> time without notice .....

Thank you very much for the warning and your long dissertation on the
pitfalls of using gmail. I guess I better stop using gmail now before
someone digs up some dirt on me.

I guess I ought to stop buying things on the Internet, because, as so
many have warned, someone could scoff up my credit card and start

I ought to stop online banking and billpaying before someone breaks
into my bank account and steals all my money.

I shouldn't even be ON the Internet, or someone could plant a virus in
my computer and steal all my personal information that way.

I shouldn't be using my credit cards out in public, because someone
could steal my account numbers and my ID.

I shouldn't even go out in public, because I could be the victim of a
robbery, or get killed in an automobile accident.

But if I stay in this house, the house could catch on fire and I'd get

There's no place to go. No place to hide. What should I do? I think
the sky is falling in.


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