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Re: How to Dial US Toll Free from Toronto

Bruce (
Fri, 13 Jan 2006 01:47:27 GMT

On 10 Jan 2006 07:08:02 -0800, wrote:

> Can someone tell me how to dial 800 and 888 numbers in the US from
> Toronto?

I've never heard of these codes being used in actual practice, but the
following info might be worth a shot.


> From :

880 Paid international calls to +1 800 ("replace" code)
881 Paid international calls to +1 888 ("replace" code)
882 Paid international calls to +1 877 ("replace" code)

"Toll-free services are essentially automated collect calls. The
recipient of the call pays the cost. However, many toll-free numbers
only work within a limited subset of the North American Numbering Plan
countries (for example, only the U.S.A., or only the U.S. and Canada),
so "replace" codes have been implemented for the first three toll-free
codes: 800, 888, and 877. To dial a U.S.-only 877 number from another
NANP country, a caller might dial 1-882-nxx-xxxx. The caller pays the
same international call charge as for a standard call to the United
States. These codes may also be used for calls originating outside the
NANP. However, the assignment of further 88X codes corresponding to
additional toll-free codes is not guaranteed. In particular, 866 was
activated 2000-07-29, but no replace code was issued (883 being the
obvious candidate). Furthermore, the three existing 88X replace codes
may be recaptured at some future date. If additional toll-free numbers
are needed, 855, 844, 833, and 822 will be activated in that order,
but replace codes will not be issued."

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