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Re: Registering Multiple DIDs on the "Do-Not-Call" List

danny burstein (
Wed, 11 Jan 2006 04:23:25 UTC

In <> writes:

>> Has anyone tried to register multiple numbers (and by multiple I mean
>> lots, whole ranges of DIDs) on the "Do-Not-Call" list?

> I suppose you could script their web site, but before you try,
> remember that it's for residential numbers, not businesses.

There's no downside to a business entering numbers. Unless things have
changed, neither the Feds nor the contracter (is it still AT&T given
the owership changes ...) strips out business numbers, and I'd doubt
that many, if any ... of the telesleazers doing list lookups bother
either. (Especially since any such split would use databases that
aren't anywhere near 100% reliable).

In other words, if a business number is on the list, that number will
probably get fewer marketers. Maybe not as dramatic a decrease
(maybe ...) as a residential one, but there's no increase. So go for

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