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Re: Public Wants Court to Okay Wiretaps
11 Jan 2006 09:34:34 -0800

Phil Earnhardt wrote:

> On 10 Jan 2006 07:43:29 -0800, wrote:

>> Bad behavior is bad behavior.

> A conjecture is a conjecture.

Not a conjecture. A statement. I don't believe in situational
ethics. Wiretapping without a search warrant is wrong. The
situation doesn't matter. The politics of the president doesn't
matter. If we are not a society of law then those that hate America
have won by destroying us.

>> It should be condemned because its WRONG!

> Actually, it should be condemned IF it is wrong. AFAICT, this is more
> of a balance of power issue than a question of legality.

There was a court set up to issue warrants. That court was bypassed.
To me that is not a balance of power issue, but a legal issue. The
constitution guarantees certain rights. By not going to the court to
get the search warrant then the Executive Branch bypassed the
Constitution that they have sworn to uphold.

> Is there any reason that there's almost no public debate about this issue?

The public is being fed garbage from most news sources. There are
doctors who are willing to testify in court that smoking will not
cause cancer. Now the public has to decide if these doctors lie, or
if the other side lies, or if the truth lies someplace in the middle.
But the technical detail is so difficult for a layman to understand
that they give up, and just let those in the know handle it.

> Instead of creating "news" -- contracting for self-serving polls that
> are providing essentially zero information -- why can't the Katherine
> Shraders of the world write some articles about the Executive's
> constitutional role in protecting us from foreign enemies?

This is a good suggestion. Most polls are commisioned by someone, and
are designed to return the answer that was wanted, rather than to
gather information. A good study on what the Executive Branch can and
can not do in protecting us from foreign and domestic enemies is

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