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Re: Era of the BBS

Koos van den Hout (
11 Jan 2006 09:51:54 GMT

David B. Horvath, CCP <> wrote in

> Ahhh, but there were still flame wars and various factions of
> users/members thrashing out issues. It seemed to be cyclical --
> increasing around the start of the school year and Christmas holidays.
> The thoughts at the time were that students got to school (high school
> or college) where they found terminals and modems -- or got a modem as
> a Christmas gift.

There is a great bit in the bbs documentary (made by Jason Scott,
starter of this thread, and I really think he did awesome work on
it!!!) on 'the time after christmas'. One sysop tells in the
documentary that he blocked the new user registration for three months
after christmas, just so the newbies could learn the ropes on other
boards before they infected his board.

I can recommend the bbs documentary to anyone who was involved in the
bbs age and wants to look back at those days (and as usual: I am just
a happy customer).


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