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Re: Phone Problems and Question

Paul A Lee (
Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:21:37 -0500

In TELECOM Digest V25 #10, Eli Tomlinson <> wrote
(in part):

> I never lose the signal, but sporadically I lose the line
> because of 'bad data' or 'garbage' on the line. This can
> happen once a day or thirty times a day. I am using Verizon
> as my PRI provider and a Nortel BCM 400 as the phone equipment.

> Verizon's position is that there is nothing wrong. Nortel's
> position is that I am occassionally getting bad layer 2 data
> that their system can't handle.

I suggest that you first check all of the fundamental signal fault
sources: cable and connection problems, radiated/induced interference,
CSU settings and performance, and synchronization settings are the
ones I would check for intermittent problems.

Make sure you don't have any loose or contaminated connections. Bounce
plugs, check for foreign material (water, oil, spilled beverage,
etc.), check cable integrity and dress, and recheck crimp and solder
connections if necessary.

Make sure cables and equipment are adequately separated from RFI/EMI
sources (radio equipment, electric motors, contactors, HID lighting
ballasts, static charge producers) and are properly grounded and

Verify that CSU settings are correct, including buffer characteristics
and verify that signal compensation or "line build-out" [LBO] settings
are correct for cable lengths and equipment placement. Swap out the
CSU, if possible, to see if that corrects the problem.

Make sure the BCM is set up to accept clocking from Verizon via the
PRI, and make sure the CSU passes this clocking through, rather than
conforming the signal to its own internal clocking.

> Both companies claim they do not have the resources or
> expertise to help me ...

Offer them enough money, and they'll find the resources. They won't
put much effort into it until they understand that you'll be willing
to pay for it -- if you are indeed willing.

> Do you know of anyone in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York area
> that is an independent telco engineer that can come in with a
> protocol analyzer and give me definitive evidence of what my problem
> is? I need someone with the ability to authoritatively prove my

> issue so I can end the finger-pointing.

I can probably put you in touch with someone who can help you, but
you'll be looking at a minimum cost of $700 to $1000. Why don't you
check the items I've suggested and see if you still need a
consultant. If you do, you can contact me directly, and I'll find a
match for you.

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