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Re: Cat Speech?

Paul Coxwell (
Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:41:20 +0000

> I have a cat who is very vocal, that is, he makes a wide variety of
> sounds. His "meows" are long and short, and go up and down in pitch.
> If I talk to him, he responds in various sounds (that I can't
> understand).

> Anyway, has there ever been serious study to identify cat sounds?

Just like people, cats seem to vary widely. One cat I had until a few
years ago was VERY vocal, especially when I returned home or she came
back in the house from a long ramble. I only had to give a little
"brrrrp" to her, and she'd set off on a long tale, telling me
everything that had been going on.

My present cat is very much the silent type. He speaks occasionally,
usually when excited over food, but otherwise remains quite quiet. He
can still make his wishes known very distinctly though: I know the
exact looks and positions he adopts for "I'm hungry" or "I want to sit
on your lap."

There is a small book titled "How To Talk To Your Cat," by Patricia
Moyles which you might find interesting. A local library might be
able to get hold of a copy.


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