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Cat Speech?
1 Jan 2006 21:24:35 -0800

I have a cat who is very vocal, that is, he makes a wide variety of
sounds. His "meows" are long and short, and go up and down in pitch.
If I talk to him, he responds in various sounds (that I can't

Anyway, has there ever been serious study to identify cat sounds?

[public replies please]

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have two cats which are like that. I
do not know how they communicate either, but I am told it is with
a combination of body movement, especially their tails and their
'meow' noises. I know that cats are very intelligent. Mine have
learned that to go outside it is _me_ who turns the door knob and
opens the door. So ... there is a very small stepstool by my back
door (for other reasons) and they have learned to stand up on that
tiny little stool where they can _almost_ reach the doorknob. Not
completely, but they come close. Normally I do not allow the cats
to go outside after dark -- the only way they will come back inside
is if I chase after them down the alley and I am not physically in a
position to to that. I do not want them going outside particularly
in the Neewollah season when there are troublesome guys roaming around
late at night. They sure tell me off however (the cats) if they do not
get their way. PAT]

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