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Re: Web Services Thrive, but Outages Outrage Users

Ron Chapman (
Sat, 31 Dec 2005 19:22:54 -0500

In article <>, Adam Pasick
<> wrote:

> Six Apart, whose TypePad service is used by many high-profile
> bloggers, experienced nearly an entire day of downtime on December 16,
> when it suffered a hardware failure. had a major power
> failure on December 14. Services including Bloglines, Feedster and
> WordPress have also experienced problems.

> Nothing underlines the importance of these "social media" services as
> much as the outcry of users when the sites crash. While the services
> were usually back up and running within a few days at most, the
> outages prompted much consternation from users who were temporarily
> unable to share their blogs and bookmarks with the world.

> Russell Buckley and Carlo Longino wrote on their blog MobHappy
> that waiting for TypePad to be fixed
> was like "waiting for a train to arrive, when you're sitting on a
> cold, damp platform. It's mildly irritating for the first 5 minutes,
> but then annoyance levels start to rise exponentially."


People in Louisiana are still trying to get back to their lives, but
elsewhere spoiled brats are whining about not being able to access
their silly "blog" sites for a day or two.

If this is what's become of true importance in America, I'm ready to
find an uninhabited island to move to.

Seriously, where is the sense of proportion here? Are these whining
brats really allowed out in the world to do adult things, like raise
children and vote?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are quite correct. All of us
complain about our problems, then we look at places like New Orleans
or Biloxi, MS or Iraq or Iran and many other places and we should
realize we have no problems at all. I look back at the years I have
spent on comp.dcom.telecom and how things in the world have gotten so
much more grim in recent years and I wonder "is the best thing we have
to talk about today telecom topics?" PAT]

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