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Re: No Demarc Point

Tom Schmidt (Tomnews@tschmidt.invalid)
Sat, 31 Dec 2005 21:20:35 GMT

A NID, Network Interface Device, is required for all new construction,
old construction is grandfathered. Here in Verizon land all you need
to do is call and let them then you need a NID so you are able to
modify inside wiring.

If you cannot get satisfaction from the Telco might want to contact
your state Public Utilities Commission. Explain the situation and see
what they suggest.


J Kelly <> wrote in message

> Is the telco required to have a network interface box at the point of
> demarcartion? My house has nothing, the line comes direct into the
> basement. It isn't even grounded and has no lightning protector.
> Qwest refuses to do anything about it unless I pay for a NIB to be
> installed. What about grounding? Shouldn't they be required to
> ground the line in accordance with NEC?

> I thought about grounding one side of the line and calling in a repair
> order for hum on the line, when they come to check it at the NIB they
> would have to install one.

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