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Re: Unanswered Calls to Cell Phones?

John Levine (
29 Dec 2005 04:47:22 -0000

> As others pointed out, all charges the customer pays on a pay phone
> are UNREGULATED. The pay phone provider can charge you whatever you
> wish.

> Unlike normal businesses, pay phone providers do not have to tell you
> their prices; you only find out a month later when you get the bill.

Good lord, are you still using an ILEC calling card going to whatever
ripoff AOS the payphone uses? Don't do that. I honestly don't
understand why ILECs even issue calling cards any more, since even the
normal rates from the ILECs and mainstream IXCs are absurdly high.

There's about a bazillion cheap calling cards available, both prepaid
and postpaid, all of which have an 800 access number. They cost what
they cost, the payphone only sees the 800 call. Is there some reason
you can't use one?



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