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Re: Physically Protecting The Local Loop Network?

Steven Lichter (
Thu, 29 Dec 2005 01:24:39 GMT

Rich Greenberg wrote:

> In article <>, Steven Lichter
> <> wrote:

>> I had a space saver type of phone (the old black ones with the dial on
>> top) installed in a room in my parent's garage and the installer that
>> installed it worked on the phone the better part of a day, could not
>> get it to work, and had other installers coming by to look at it, he
>> came back the next day and got it to work, it needed a special bell
>> box to work. When I ordered the phone the rep had no idea what it
>> even was, this was in Pacific Telephone area. When I moved out they
>> never came and got it, they just left it there. I came and got it one
>> day and it lives with my other old phone in my den.

> I also had one of those many years ago. I didn't have the bell box
> that was normally used with it, so I took an induction coil from
> another phone (probably a 300 series) and wired it up. Worked fine.
> That was 6 houses and 40+ years ago, and I have no idea where it is
> now.

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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I had one of those for awhile, but
> instead of hunting down a side-ringer I just plugged it in and used
> one of the other phones in my house for a ringing signal. It was
> easier just listen for a bell ringing somewhere else close by. PAT]

Using that phone without its ringer box causes load on the line, low
voice and such, the box has an induction coil.

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