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Re: Spamming the Wrong Message
15 Dec 2005 05:53:13 -0800

> I find that hard to believe. I am curious as to who actually responds
> to spam and why. Are people that stupid, greedy, or desperate?

The ones responding all have small penises.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You know, as crude as you are, I think
you may be correct on this. Penis enlargement ads on the net (for
creams, patches, pills, etc) draw considerable attention. Maybe the
spam on the net is purposely arranged like that: First, readers are
given some porn spam (videos or still shots) of men in action with
some very extreme private parts, then as the guys decide to examine
their own equipment some spam flashes across the screen to make them
feel insecure about their own circumstances, with messages from bogus
or quack 'doctors' telling them how to improve their lot in life.
Have you seen that one spam (a short video actually) where Doctor Quack
is examining his 'patient' and giving a discourse on his preferred
method of treatment (in his instance, giving an injection of his
'secret formula' (with a big needle) directly in you know where.
Ugh! Yet guys watch it religiously, and order more of those pills and
patches, etc. PAT]

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