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Re: Spamming the Wrong Message

John Levine (
15 Dec 2005 04:01:58 -0000

>> Indeed. Recently, DoubleClick reported that clickthrough rates on
>> e-mail were still at about 8 percent.

> Is he saying 8% of spam recipients respond and send money in response?
> I find that hard to believe. I am curious as to who actually responds
> to spam and why. Are people that stupid, greedy, or desperate?

Most of the mail that Doubleclick sends is legitimate, i.e., to people
who asked for it. I can believe that kind of mail gets an 8%

The numbers I've seen for spam are in the tiny fractions of a percent.
When Laura Betterly was spamming, I think she said she'd send out a
million spams and get maybe a dozen orders. That's about a thousandth
of a percent.



PS: What does this have to do with Telecom? You want to argue about
spam, visit SPAM-L which is all spam talk, all the time.

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