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Re: Voicepulse Owns Your Number

Carl Drueckhammer (
Mon, 5 Dec 2005 15:24:47 -0500

Contact the FCC's Consumer Center toll-free at 888-CALL-FCC

Certain rural wireline carriers may have waivers of the porting
requirement from state commissions. Customers of these carriers
therefore may be unable to port their number to a new carrier. If you
are unable to port your number for that reason, you should contact
your state commission for further information.

You might also reference "Rules and Regulations of the North Carolina
Utilities Commission", chapter 17, "Provision of Local Exchange and
Exchange Access Competition", Rule R17-5, number portability and
number assignment:

The North Carolina Utilities Commission, Consumer Services Division,
can be reached at 919-733-9277.

Carl Drueckhammer

> In message <> (Seth
> Breidbart) wrote:

>> In article <>, Fred Atkinson
>> <> wrote:

>>> I've sent Voicepulse notice that I expect them to release my number.
>>> They say they will not. In fact, they called me just a few minutes
>>> ago and said that the porting request from Carolina Net would be
>>> declined.

>>> I'm looking for recourse and I'm not interested in hearing that there
>>> is no recourse. Can anyone here make some suggestions as to most
>>> effective avenue to pursue?

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