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Re: Who Owns the Music?

Steven Lichter (
Sat, 03 Dec 2005 14:29:55 GMT

Michael Quinn Michael wrote:

> The recent discussions about Sony led to some interesting discussions
> among my colleagues about the used CD market:

> - if I buy a new CD, I am presumably entitled to record it for local
> (computer/IPOD/backup/whatever) use. If I do that, am I (legally or
> otherwise) prohibited from reselling or giving away the CD? There is
> a huge used CD market out there. And my kids keep taking my Frank
> Sinatra and Pink Floyd CDs.

> - if I resell or give away the CD, what about the next buyer/owner --
> is he or she entitled to record it, as above, and then pass it on to
> the next user?

> - if I made a recording of the originally purchased CD, may I bequeath
> that to the above mentioned kids?

> The point may be moot -- one of our Thanksgiving dinner companions
> suggested that in 5-10 years, CDs will be as obsolete as 8-track
> tapes, and that all storage will be on volatile media (flash drives,
> virtual drives, external hard drives, etc); I for one am going to miss
> the album notes and lyrics, but hell, they'll be on-line as well.

> Thoughts invited.

Common sense should tell you that if you sell/give away the CD you
should delete any copies you have of it. That is the same rule for
computer software, you have the right to make a copy but once you no
longer own the original, you have to delete any copies you have for

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