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Re: When is TDMA Being Phased Out?
2 Dec 2005 09:19:12 -0800

Thanks for your information! Some more questions if I may.

Jim Burks wrote:

> New handsets now are
> either GSM only or CDMA only. The are also frequently locked to a
> single carrier. The better GSM handsets are tri-band or quad-band
> (more frequencies). This will allow them to roam in many parts of the
> world.

Does this mean a cell phone bought today won't have analog capability
as a backup if the digital signal isn't available?

When buying a cell phone, how can one tell what the handset can do?
The clerks at cell phone kiosks will say anything to get a sale.

> If you live in a big city, Sprint and T-Mobile are a little cheaper,
> but if you travel out of the cities and off the freeways, you're out
> of luck.

What happens -- the phone is dead? That doesn't sound good.

> If you live in the wilds of Montana or Arizona, look on eBay for a 3
> watt analog bag phone. They have MILES more range.
> AMPS = all right now, going away before 2010

It seems the main carriers, at least in my area, will not accept a new
customer with a bag phone or any analog phone. There have been news
reports that people in remote areas can only get service with the high
powered bag phone and they're having problems as carriers phase out
analog. What will happen in those areas?

There were many news reports that digital signals had lots more "dark
spots" than analog signals did, even in well developed areas (or
because of well developed areas). Public safety new digital radio
systems had lots of complaints, cops were carrying their own
cellphones in case their police radio failed them. Have these
problems been resolved?

I was on a train recently and my fellow passengers lost service in a
particular area, but my old analog phone was still working.

Thanks again for your help.

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