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Re: Voicepulse Owns Your Number

Ken Abrams (k_abrams@[REMOVETHIS])
Thu, 24 Nov 2005 00:06:21 GMT

Fred Atkinson <> wrote

> So, our friend Jason put me in touch with Carolina Net. I've got
> their phone installed and put in a request to report my NC number to
> it.

> Voicepulse says that they own the number. Apparently they have some
> legalese that says they won't release it to another carrier. I went
> to considerable trouble getting that number listed with Verizon's
> directory assistance and I feel that number belongs to me.

Just because you FEEL that way doesn't make it true!

VOIP is, for the most part, not defined by law or regulation. It is
not "real" phone service and it is not "real" internet service. It is
an implementation of a technology that was never meant to be used for
Public Switched Telephone service. It has been a virtual gold mine
for those selling the (so called) service and a nightmare for anyone
who expects "real" phone service. You have discovered yet another
"glitch" with VOIP in that the regulations covering number portability
for land-line and cellular phone companies don't (necessarily) apply
to VOIP providers ... and they want to keep it that way because it
would cost them multi-millions of dollars to participate, both in
technology costs and administrative costs.

Caveat Emptor.

IMHO, you are kicking a dead horse. Rather than waste your time and
energy fighting a loosing battle with Voicepluse, you need to "take a
chill pill", do a realistic assessment of your needs and plan for
something different. Take your lumps and move on.

You should have asked about number portability BEFORE making all those
other arrangements ... not AFTER.

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