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Re: Mtn. View Accepts Google's Offer of Free WiFi
21 Nov 2005 08:33:23 -0800

Does anyone know how Google or other wide area 802.11 systems are
tying the whole thing together and getting the system on the internet?
I can imagine a mesh network with a bunch of links to the internet
(perhaps wired, perhaps point-to-point radio). I visualize such a
network like the surface of a tent with internet backhauls as poles
holding the tent up and the wireless access points along the surface
of the tent. Communications that needs to go to the outside internet
works its way to the nearest pole. My question is: What is the ratio
of wireless access points to links to the internet? How are these
links done (point to point radio, fiber, twisted pair telco, etc.)?

Another question ... How will they limit spammers from using the access?


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