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Re: Alger Hiss et al.

Henry (
Mon, 21 Nov 2005 09:13:42 +0200

Henry <> wrote:

> <> wrote:

>> A single person from Syracuse NY, who owned some grocery stores,
>> somehow managed to terrify the film/radio/TV business into firing
>> fingered communists.

> Oops, you've lost me now. Who's this, then?

Laurence Johnson was his name.

I just chanced upon this Molly Ivins story, which fortuitously answers
my question. Since you didn't really know either, I thought I'd share.

> An outfit of professional commie-hunters called AWARE, Inc., run by a
> guy named Vincent Hartnett ... to vet performers for commie
> sympathies ...
> Should a network or agency refuse to play along, Hartnett's friend
> Laurence Johnson, a grocery magnate from upstate New York,
> would pull the sponsor's products from his grocery shelves until they
> caved in.



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