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Re: Nokia 6340i Cell Phone

David L (
19 Nov 2005 17:46:20 -0800

I don't have that model but it sure rang a bell when I saw 6340i.

I have used Nokia 5150's and 6160's, basically all the old ATTWS TDMA
Nokia to set my friends and family up wtih cheap Prepaid wireless.
Locus sells a bunch of plans that work on the old system. Callplus and
forgot the name of the other product line.

Why I remember that phone so well, is a certain retailer was offering
those to the customers who were having their TDMA network shut off.
Cingular can't wait to get everyone on GSM, but there is a lot of that
legacy TDMA network. The plans were great, free incoming text and
about 15 cents per minute on TDMA prepaid. States having been going
dark one by one. Virgina and Texas come to mind, but I'm not sure
exactly where the TDMA has been fully converted to GSM.

The 6340i was originally a GAIT phone: Modes AMPS 800 / GSM 800 / GSM
1900 / TDMA 800 / TDMA 1900 and could be used on Cingular GAIT plans,

However those plans no longer exist, so apparently all the TDMA AMP
functionality is lost. I just thought this one particular promotion
for the 6340i didn't make it clear, that there were no longer GSM+
analog + digital plans. And the phone would work for GSM only.

I'd be curious to see if the phone DID work for a 911 call in an
analog area, where the 911 call might bypass any network locks?

Perhaps a test 911 call would work from an analog only area. Note: 911
either activates Verizon (other carriers unknown) to allow the tower to
dump GPS coordinates to a CDA phones GPSONE debug screen, or might
conect to 911. Or it may do nothing if there is no AGPS support ike a
rural area.

Dave Lind Davlindi(at)hotmail(dot)com

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