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Re: Lingo Phone Can't Port Number

Robert Bonomi (
Sun, 20 Nov 2005 14:11:37 -0000

In article <>, Rik Rasmussen
<> wrote:

> Their web site has an email address to use for number transfer issues,
> so I sent them an email.

> I will be surprised if they respond because they never responded to
> emails I sent with questions before signing up. I will try them on the
> phone.

> Vonage was able to transfer my neighbor's number from the same local
> phone company.

> An update: I just spoke to Lingo. The CSR was very nice and professional.

> He said my local phone number is "outside the Lingo service area, and
> can not be ported at this time." I live in Wake Forest, a suburb of

> Raleigh, NC, not some backwoods location.

> He had no indication when it might be in their service area.

> I told hime that if they could port my number I would prefer to stay
> with them even though they do not answer emails and also inspite of
> their unwillingness to disclose portability of my number prior to
> signing up for service.

> He said I would need to call their Cancellation Number Mon. - Fri. in
> order to arrange to return my box and get a refund.

> So, looks like I will be doing that and going with Vonage.

> I really hate it because Lingo includes Western Europe.

> Rik Rasmussen
> Radio Systems Manager
> City/County of Durham, NC
> 919-560-4175 x 244
> 919-560-4400 fax

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But this 'neighbor' of yours: Is he
> also in Wake Forest, or Durham, or Raleigh, or Research Triangle,
> or where? Didn't you say neighbor was on the same phone exchange?
> PAT]

So what?? It doesn't make any difference even if the neighbor is
_next_door_ "not all VoIP companies are created equal", to paraphrase
a trite remark.

To 'accept' a ported number, you must have physical presence
_on_the_PSTN_ in the area of that number.

Lingo apparently does not have a 'local presence' anywhere close
enough to Durham to service him.

Vonage, on the other hand, does have a suitable local presence --

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