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Re: Lingo Phone Can't Port Number

Rik Rasmussen (
Sat, 19 Nov 2005 10:58:43 -0500

Their web site has an email address to use for number transfer issues,
so I sent them an email.

I will be surprised if they respond because they never responded to
emails I sent with questions before signing up. I will try them on the

Vonage was able to transfer my neighbor's number from the same local
phone company.

An update: I just spoke to Lingo. The CSR was very nice and professional.

He said my local phone number is "outside the Lingo service area, and
can not be ported at this time." I live in Wake Forest, a suburb of
Raleigh, NC, not some backwoods location.

He had no indication when it might be in their service area.

I told hime that if they could port my number I would prefer to stay
with them even though they do not answer emails and also inspite of
their unwillingness to disclose portability of my number prior to
signing up for service.

He said I would need to call their Cancellation Number Mon. - Fri. in
order to arrange to return my box and get a refund.

So, looks like I will be doing that and going with Vonage.

I really hate it because Lingo includes Western Europe.

Rik Rasmussen
Radio Systems Manager
City/County of Durham, NC
919-560-4175 x 244
919-560-4400 fax

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But this 'neighbor' of yours: Is he
also in Wake Forest, or Durham, or Raleigh, or Research Triangle,
or where? Didn't you say neighbor was on the same phone exchange?

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