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Re: A Question Please About my Purchase

John Levine (
19 Nov 2005 02:06:24 -0000

> it in the other phone. Now, if I can figure out how to open this
> new phone I have now (Nokia 6010) *get the SIM out*,

The instructions are on page 11 of the manual that should have come
with your phone. You push the cover release button on the back of the
phone, slide the cover up to remove it, lift the battery out to
uncover the SIM, then press the tab above the SIM to release it and
slide the SIM up and out. Really, it takes about 10 seconds.

> open the new phone (Nokia 6340i when it gets here) and put the SIM
> in the new phone

Slide the back cover down and off, then lift the battery from the top
to remove it. The SIM holder is below (not beneath the battery.)
Slide the SIM into it with the gold contacts face down and the cut corner
at the upper right until it clicks, then put the battery back in and
slide the cover back on. Takes another 10 seconds.

> I guess I should have it made. No need to say a word to Cingular
> Wireless either way, _is that correct_?

That is correct. They do not care what phone you use with your SIM.



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