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A Question Please About my Purchase

Patrick Townson (
Thu, 17 Nov 2005 19:55:54 -0600

I wound up purchasing a Nokia 6340i 'unlocked' phone on EBay for about
$35.00 using a 'Buy it Now' button and sent them a letter asking when
it would be sent out and how to use it, I got back this reply:

> It will work for cingular. Just insert your SIm card and you should be =
> ready to go.

> Thank you,
> D&R Wholesale

----- Original Message -----
From: Patrick Townson
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 1:52 PM
Subject: A question please about my purchase

> Using the 'Buy Now' arrangement I just now bought and paid for a Nokia
> 6340i cell phone. Transaction #2R3490342F972910F $16.99 plus shipping
> and insurance total $36.97

> Please confirm a couple things for me:

> When is it expected to arrive?

> I presently have cell service from Cingular Wireless. This new phone
> will work on Cingular? Is there any sort of 'unlock key' or 'unlock
> code' I will need to use, or just insert the SIM?

> Will I need to report this to Cingular Wireless to get it changed
> over on their records to be associated with my current cell phone
> number?

Another email from them said it had shipped Thursday afternoon and
should arrive by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. It said the
(S)ubscriber (I)nformation (M)odule had all the information required
for Cingular -- assuming I had an account there, which I do -- and it
was just a matter of taking the SIM out of the one phone and putting
it in the other phone. Now, if I can figure out how to open this
new phone I have now (Nokia 6010) *get the SIM out*, open the new
phone (Nokia 6340i when it gets here) and put the SIM in the new
phone I guess I should have it made. No need to say a word to Cingular
Wireless either way, _is that correct_? But I may wind up going to the
dealer where I first got put onto GSM and have him do it for me.


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