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Re: My New Cell Phone, Nokia 6010

John R Levine (
17 Nov 2005 01:48:57 -0500

> I do not know how to exchange the SIM to a different phone.

It's a little chip about the size of your thumbnail, usually in a
socket under the battery. Cingular SIMs are orange and white. Takes
about 10 seconds to pop out and pop into another phone. Look in the
manual that came with the phone.

> And I do not know why some of the sellers on Ebay say their phones are
> 'unlocked'.

Locked == Cingular only, unlocked == any GSM carrier. In this case,
you don't care. If you want to unlock a locked phone yourself, you
can buy an unlock code online for about $8. I've done it.

> I do see the phone you told me about on E-Bay but I cannot
> see the 'pin out' on the bottom of the phone all that well, and I wish
> to know if the pin out on the bottom works _exactly_ the same way or
> not.

It's just the same. The car kit matched up to every single pin,
power, and even the antenna plug on the back, and it all worked.

> (instead of plugging in with a eighth inch plug uses an adapter
> I got at Radio Shack to plug in on the pin out.

It's just the same.

> I also have a 'Cell Socket' which allows the phone to charge while
> in the holder and be used at the same time.

Yes, I know.

> If the pin out on the bottom matches exactly with the pin out on the
> old phone (including the little rubber stopper on the back side
> which you can remove to plug it into the Cell Socket then I will get
> it.

The pinout is just the same. It fit my car kit which has the same pins
and antenna plug, remember? I suppose it's possible that the Cellsocket
has some dependency on the phone firmware, but it looks to me like the one
you have supports all sorts of Nokia 5100 and 6000 models.

> This new phone also has a very long life battery (Lithium?) which goes
> for a couple days without charging. Does the new phone you are talking
> about also have a long life battery?

All the 6340i phones you'll find are used, so it depends how old they
are. I got a new battery for mine which seems to be good for a week.



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