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My New Cell Phone, Nokia 6010

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Tue, 15 Nov 2005 23:55:28 EST

The Cingular Wireless people here in town finally convinced me to swap
out my old digital cell phone (also Nokia) for a new GSM/GPRS phone. I had
said I would keep on using my old phone as long as service was available
for it, but lately it was getting harder and harder to get a good, clear
signal with no need for constant redial attempts, etc. The new plan
they put me on is even a bit cheaper than what I had. And this new
phone has a provision to use 'mobile internet' from the phone itself. I
got to keep the number I had on the old phone, same voicemail, etc. The
new phone is a bit smaller, and not even a trace of an antenna on it
anywhere; not even a little stub. It does sound a wee bit 'tinny' however
Cingular has me on 'no long distance charges' and 'no roaming' and
'rollover'. Since my landline (Prairie Stream) phone is set to
'transfer on busy/no answer (after 3 rings) it seems to be ideal for
my needs. It still is not clear to me _why_ they feel it is a beter
system than the phone I was using but they insist it is.

As with all these things, there is absolutely no standardization
between peripherals on old and new phones. My old cell socket, power
chargers, headsets, other handsfree devices do not fit and cannot be
used. The local manager here for Southwest Wireless, the Cingular
Wireless Agency here in town told me "one way the cell companies make
money is by assuring that no two phones ever use the same
attachments." It figures.


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